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Several of our clients had little or no background in computers nor web design, and wanted nothing more than to "Get a web site" leaving most of the design to us, While others had done a lot of research and had specific ideas regarding the design of their site.

We provide full service web design. What this means to you, is that you can let us know what you want and we'll provide the end product. Or... we'll sit down and work hand in hand with you to develop a web site together that meets your needs.

We can work with your existing web site and host, or we can provide hosting services for you. We offer web site maintenance packages, or we can provide the necessary training to allow you and/or your staff to maintain your web site.


Hosting: If you don't already have a host, we'll be happy to find one for you. We'll take the time to find the best host for your actual needs to ensure that you're not paying for services you don't need!
Domain Name:   If you have not already registered for your "Domain Name" which is the "www. Your Name.com" we can do that for you. We'll sit down with you and exchange ideas regarding the best domain names for your company, and then we'll apply for and register them for you.
Bells and Whistles:   We can make your site just as flashy as you wish with rollover effects, Post Card Mailing Capabilities, Counters, Maps, Clocks, etc...
Browser Considerations:   When we design a web site, we design the site to present a professional image regardless of the browser used by those who view the site. Not everyone keeps up with the latest browser technology. Many viewers on the Internet are still using older browsers. We ensure that your site will be viewable by all browsers, new and old!
E-Commerce:   If you intend to actually sell your product on line, than we can provide the secure site requirements you need to process credit card transactions. That includes SSL design, Security Certification Registration and shopping cart setup.
Multilingual:   The Internet is a worldwide resource and will be viewed by others who don't necessarily speak English, both here and abroad. In many cases, it only makes sense to provide the information about your company and/or product in more than one language... We can do that!
Mailbox Management:   Hosting services provide mailbox capabilities, but someone has to setup a usable system for not only the web site, but for your office and personal needs as well. We will work with you to determine your needs, setup a system that meets those needs, and provide you with the training necessary to take advantage of the system.
Web Site Maintenance:   We can maintain your web site for you, help you maintain it, or provide you with the training necessary to maintain it yourself! We offer this service whether we built the site or not... so if you have a site you like, but need help maintaining it, we can do that too!
Web Site Upgrades:   If you already have a web site, but feel it's out dated. We can help you give it a face lift!
Web Site Promotion:   We can promote your web site with all the major search engines. Additionally, we'll ensure that your web site is "Robot Friendly" so that when search robots look at your site, they'll find the information they need to promote it for you.
Special Event Web Sites:   If you have a special event and would like to promote that event on the web, we can put together special, short term web sites to meet those needs.
Miscellaneous:   If we haven't listed it here, It doesn't mean we don't do it... It just means we ran out of room. If you have something special you want on your web site, let us know and if we don't know how to do it, we'll learn!
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